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Welcome to the web site of Ningileri Tharavad and related families. It started as a compilation of Ningileri Thayillath family tree. But then it grew to include the other three Thavazhies of Ningileri Tharavad and now covers even other related Tharavads such as Kaitheri Edathil and Ayiliath.

Some information about the origin of Ningileri Tharavad is provided to help discover our roots*. The historical data are mostly speculative in nature and therefore anyone who can provide more authoritative information is encouraged to get in touch with me.

Apart from sentimental reasons like tracing one's root I am sure you will find many practical uses for this site. There is lot of scope for improving this site. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

History in Brief

The roots of Ningileri Tharavad can be traced to Kuttyadi, the southern border area of the famous Kottayam Kingdom. Situated 2 km west of Kuttyadi is a place called Narikkot chal, which was the locale of the famous Akkilat Tharavad during 1800. When the population of men started increasing immensely in this Tharavad they adopted one girl from Poothedath Tharavad of Vellamunda, Wyanad, to keep the lineage going on the women’s side.

Akkilat Chinnan Nambiar was a famous and courageous warlord. He married Kunhimakkam Amma of Perat Tharavad, another well-known family in Kuttyadi. They had three children - one boy and two girls. Kunhimakkam Amma’s brother was Kunhikutty Nambiar.




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This is adapted from a report prepared by Ningileri (Gokulam) Radhakrishnan Nambiar based on interviews with various persons.any suggestions ideas, improvements please contact me at nt.balanarayan@gmail.com

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